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Written by Patrick McNamara

Long Island's Tender Defender is everything you want in a band if you like bands with big crunchy guitars, gruff vocals you can sing along to, and climactic whoa-oh-oh choruses that make you feel really fucking good because they remind you we're all in this crazy ass life together. I like bands like that and therefore I like Tender Defender. You can totally like them too if you want. I'll slide over and make some room. There's plenty of room on this goodness train.

The band of three (Phil Douglass + Mattie Jo Canino + Pat Schramm) all used to be in Latterman and I hope this information serves as useful to some of you but here's something that interests me just a little bit more. Phil currently plays in Iron Chic and they're one of the funnest bands going according to this local music blob. I've seen them a bunch of times and they're always really great. Actually, now that I've been able to think things over for a bit, I'm just gonna go ahead and unequivocally say that if you like Iron Chic (which, again, I do...a lot) there's really no way you won't like Tender Defender and that's all there is to it.

Go ahead and stream this new cut (it's a music industry insider term - don't worry about it) they just dropped (same) called "Hello Dirt" and after you do please go ahead and let me know how fucking good you feel in the comments section this local music blob has never had.

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RIYL: I guarantee it.*

*guarantee not a guarantee if you don't agree with the preceding principles hereto laid forth in the first paragraph of this really good profile on a really good band

Published August 24, 2015



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