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Written by Patrick McNamara

Teen Commandments is a band from Williamsburg (the one in Brooklyn - not Virginia - although I hear that one is nice too in a colonial sorta way - I've never been) who make synth pop. If you like Cut Copy (they're from Australia - I've never been there either) you might like the sounds this crew is slinging. They go great at rhythmic ceremonial rituals like concerts and dances and quinceaƱeras.

The three dudes (Brett + Nick + Van) have played a bunch of shows since forming somewhere around circa 2012 (don't remember one thing that happened that year) and I would imagine a good time was had by all at each and every one of them. But that's pure speculation based on the quality of the songs I've heard, one of which I will provide for your streaming pleasure directly below these dynamic digital words because I'm always doing super sweet things like that.

Um. I don't know. What else? Do you like listening to catchy dance music? Because if you do, yay, I'm so glad this band profile spoke to your interests. If you don't, well, that's OK. You've always gone left when virtually everyone else went right. And that's exactly what I like about you. Never change.

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Published August 11, 2015



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