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Ted Leo & the Pharmacists

I have a friend who's always depressed. I mean, he's straight up Eeyore. He claims that one of the few things that can pull him out of his sorry state is putting on a Ted Leo album. I don't blame him. Teddy's a rock star who's tonic for the soul. One of the most beloved indie musicians today, Teddy doesn't just have fans. He has FANS.

Leo has gained widespread admiration and respect for his unbelievable melodic ear and his socially conscious songwriting. From 1990-1997 he honed his chops in the legendary DC mod-punk band Chisel. And as a solo artist, his songwriting continues to flourish.

Live, he's even more upbeat. When his soaring tenor isn't belting out the money notes, and he's not brutally attacking the guitar, he's bopping his head and handclapping away, working his FANS into frenzy with typical Leo showmanship. Ah, if only my friend could live his life with Ted Leo on repeat.
Published August 01, 2005



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