((Surf City)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

New Zealand's Surf City is getting such big buzz that the hype has made its way halfway around the world. It's the right sound at the right time perhaps? These four guys find themselves smack in the middle of the lo-fi-fuzz craze. Back-to-the-basics bands like No Age and HEALTH and WAVVES have been making the concert kids scream for this decades old sound.

And Surf City's catchy DIY melodies are similar in vibe (albeit a little less noisy), but the band also taps into a little bit of this sunny-dream-pop phase that Animal Collective probably started a couple years ago. This is not to suggest that Surf City is piggy-backing on anyone or any fad, rather their intensely catchy songs just sound very now.

Of course, they do get compared an awful lot to their early '80s countrymen, The Clean, too. And Animal Collective is really just continuing what Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys did in the late '60s. And HEALTH and No Age and WAVVES are kind of taking over from there, fuzzing out that classic American pop... sounding "now" is all so very relative. Anyway, Surf City mixes all of these old/new sounds extremely well adding up to songs you'll want to keep on repeat.
Published February 5, 2009



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