((Such Hounds)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Written by Patrick McNamara

Brooklyn's Such Hounds are a band that just sounds like they're having fun. And that's a good goddamn thing to sound like. Bands never sound like they're having fun anymore. What ever happened to fun. Where has all the fun gone, goddamn it? WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH FUN?!?!?!

These four dudes (Matt! Sean! Matt Part Deux! Ross!) describe their band best. “Tom Petty snorkeling in bong water." Ahahahaha. Perfect. I could just leave it at that, post their solid EP for you to stream, and call it another productive day for this music blob. But I won't. I always have to stay and blob on just a little too long. Please tell me not my faults. For I already know them.

If you like good old boozy (or weedy, whatever) alt-indie-post-country-presently-excellent Americana made by talented men who seem to enjoy being alive, then you could do a whole helluva lot worse than to give Such Hounds a spin. Their songs might make you feel a little bit better about things. Even though we're all in pain. And we're all broke. And we're all gonna die. That's all part of the wonder of living this life, my man. That's the joy. Can't have them pretty transitory sunsets without them clouds, tho.

You see? I blobbed too much. Yet again. Oh well. We blob to know we are not alone. Here's that EP for you to stream. You might remember me mentioning it in the second paragraph. If you missed it, just scroll up. The words are still there. Please enjoy listening to it as much as Such Hounds seemed to enjoy making it.

“Tom Petty snorkeling in bong water." Ahahahaha.

Published August 11, 2014



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