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Stab City is a fiery trio from L.A. that rocks the dirty, sludgy riffs with a bit of the garage rock blues. These three dudes say they're influenced by boisterous bands like Queens of the Stone Age and Mclusky. And you know? They're right. Stab City's songs are big and bad and fun, just like those other two more famous bands.

Vocalist/bassist Dan Catalinotto sings in his best snarl, and thundering Bobby Vega drums like he and his kit are on borrowed time. But it is Sailor Alexander's six-string abuse that really propels these dirty ditties through wonderfully mucky melodies.

You won't find any of those pretty guitar lines floating effortlessly over choruses here. With Stab City, it's all just about down low rhythm and booze. And some day some reviewer somewhere will proclaim them as "the hardest working band in the biz" as they've played 100+ shows with the likes of The Bronx, Crystal Antlers, Black Eyes and Mike Watt in a very short amount of time.

If you've got ants in your pants like these three dudes do, there's no use sitting around the apartment. Might as well go out and rock it.
Published September 25, 2009



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