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Written by Patrick McNamara

Let’s get catchy and cast our cares to the whims of the fateful wind. Squarehead are a happy and crunchy power-garage-pop trio from Dublin, Ireland who are being hailed by critics as, “the best thing ever created since “Ulysses!”* and, “step aside, Samuel Beckett and Oscar Wilde, because it’s Squarehead’s time to shine!”* and, “this band makes me realize how much William Butler Yeats stanks!”*

(*citations needed)

Squarehead are a really solid band that rock these throaty, multi-part harmony choruses that explode with a distorted touch of singable transcendence. Yeah. These three dudes just deliver transcendence, no big deal. And their songs will lead you down a musical path that just might take you to The Joy, too. But Squarehead do not make soft and tender, cuddly-wubbly-bubbly music. I hope that’s not the impression I’ve been giving you. There are plenty of ferocious punk shouts going on (courtesy of singer, Roy Duffy) amidst all the big guitar/bass/drum punk booms. But you can tell the throaty screams and the artful noise are made outta love - not pain, man. The Joy is everywhere. I know it when I feel it and I feel it when I hear it.

If you want to play the band comparison game with me (and I think you do) Squarehead remind me of early Superchunk (the vocals, for sure) meets another one of my recent band favorites, PUP (note: get into PUP), meets The Replacements (I said it I believe it ‘nuff said), meets another good Dublin band, September Girls (about whom critics have said, “George Bernard Shaw never did THIS!*). And Squarehead recently played shows with No Age + Titus Andronicus + The Black Lips + Male Bonding, if that helps further you along the mirthful musical road.

(*citation needed)

But sometimes the best way to receive help is to help yourself. So stream Squarehead’s splendid new album below (in its entirety - for free - that’s the way these good lads wanted it done). It’s really good. And each free play of this sublime punk will lead you one step closer to The Joy. I’m sure of it. But don’t worry, man. It still “rocks out.”

Published October 22, 2013



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