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Guitar rock is BACK. Even though it never went AWAY. But it’s always fun to SAY. Guitar rock is BACK. In a BAND profile. About a BAND. That uses GUITARS. And uses them WELL. So hang ONTO your butts. BECAUSE Guitar ROCK. Is. BACK. (so is caps lock confusion.)

Splashh are a band of four dudes from Australia.. .and New Zealand... and the UK. That’s what they say, guys. That’s what they say. I don’t know how they do it either. But I hope they’re earning airline points at least. ("I’m sorry, Splashh. But in order for me to allow you to carry-on your guitars that shred, we’ll have to charge you an additional $750. Per instrument. Both ways. This will also act as your seat. And flotation device.").

These guys rock fuzzy guitar pop that sounds like a slightly sunnier and psych-ier Oasis. “Vacation” (you know, the one you can stream below - stream it now - STREAM IT NOW) sounds like a lost B-Side on (What’s the Story) Morning Glory. (btw, I always appreciated Oasis’ use of parentheses.) Or, maybe “Definitely Maybe.” Definitely. Maybe.

Hopefully you have begun streaming “Vacation” by now (and if not now, when, dear Rockness reader? when?). So what do you think? Splashh are pretty together and tight, right? Which is kind of ironic. Considering the guys who made this are from ALL OVER the place. (waiting... waiting... beat... beat... australia... new zealand... the UK... beat... beat... oh never mind no worries forget it.)

Published April 17, 2013



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