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Written by Patrick McNamara

Soda Bomb shred. The Long Island band = Taylor (guitar/vox) + Nick (bass) + Jon (drums/vox) + Richie (guitar) and together they make heavy sludge punk with (dare I say) pretty melodies floating above the noisy fray. It's aggressive, cathartic, and a good goddamn time.

The band have been around for a bit (what was 2012 even LIKE, mannn) and have released a few streamable sound sacrifices to the gods of the World Wide Intrasphere since the Great Formation. But for our purposes here, I will gladly copy and paste the embed code (2.0 talk - don't worry about it) to Soda Bomb's most recent offering, the super solid ten track album “Wanna Jam," so that you may blast it with ease without having to click around and get lost in something else and then forget the very reason you wanted to check out this band in the first place.

But back to the past, Soda Bomb have played a bunch of shows since forming way, way, wayyyyy back in 2012, including ones with Vulture Shit + Free Throw + Flagland + Rozwell Kid + Somerset Thrower + Iron Chic (actually, as of this writing - 10:33 AM in the Year I'm Writing This A.D. - those last two bands represent shows in the future but whatever I can't keep all this time travel straight). Please notice all the bands I just mentioned are linked. That means that at some point I wrote kind words about them. Click and enjoy exploring their goodness too.

Looking ahead now, I really hope these guys play all the time forever because I believe I just told you in the first paragraph (a lifetime ago in digital time) that Soda Bomb shred. You see? Future. Past. Present. It all comes full circle and everything works out in the end.

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Published May 19, 2015



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