((Slang Chickens)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

L.A.'s Slang Chickens are one of those "buzzy" bands. In the '90s, MTV used to call bands like these "buzz worthy" and would put them in the "buzz bin" (not to be confused with Ned's Atomic Dust Bin). So why are these guys, who claim they are influenced by Hank Williams AND The Gun Club AND Pavement AND ZZ Top, so buzzy? Well, we think it's because this is music meant to be taken with lots of the drink. We get it, this is boozy buzz! And we want to knock back a few right now!

Rocking guitars (electric & acoustic) and banjos and lapsteel, Slang Chickens definitely veer towards country ALT, but they definitely have a rambunctious punk spirit as they swerve towards the South. These guys have recently played with other "buzzy" bands like The Night Marchers and Jay Reatard and Crystal Antlers.

For so much buzz, shouldn't Slang Chickens try to incorporate some kazoos? But enough writing about them. Let's crank up the Slang Chickens and get this whisky party started!
Published July 30, 2009



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