((Skaters)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Skaters is a new band whose three members have been in a bunch of other bands before (The Dead Trees + Dirty Pretty Things to name but two - and they were also Little Joy's backing band - so they've been around).

Skaters play optimistic eccentro-pop that sounds something like if Devo and The Cars got together on a tropical island and decided to work on some jams at their leisure (Mark Mothersbaugh: "I want us to sound like Devo meets Vampire Weekend!" Rick Ocasek "No! I want to sound like The Cars meets The Strokes!") Got that scenario I'm working out on you? Good (ultimately Mark and Rick decided to screw the supergroup and go snorkeling instead).

So Skaters come at you with breezy melodies - but this pop is more rock 'n roll than chill. You're not going to want to float on a raft while listening to Skaters from your poolside soundsystem (I believe the kids are calling these portable soundsystems "ghettoblasters" or "boom boxes" these days). No. You're going to want to be in a dark bar watching Skaters destroy while drinking a pina colada. You can watch this Skaters video if you want. But I do believe I explained their sound perfectly.

Published October 25, 2012



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