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We know there's little to no point in writing about Sigur Ros right now in 2008. They've been huge forever, and a long time ago you probably decided if you were into them or not. It's either one or the other. But, you know, it's never too late. Someone once asked Michael Jordan why he plays so hard every night. And he said something like, "Because there may be one kid in the stands who has never seen me play before." So there you go.

That's why we're writing about Sigur Ros now. Sigur Ros are the Michael Jordan of indie-orchestral-chamber-unintelligble-Icelandic-pop. I liked these guys enough when that one record with the weird alien baby thing on the cover came out, but I didn't really start to appreciate what they do and what they're all about until I saw Sigur Ros play (not too long ago and sitting right behind Sufjan, no less).

Seeing them live, you get it... the lights, the pageantry, the cool stage scrim, the other-worldly choral tricks. Granted, it helped immensely that there were assigned seats at this particular performance, because Sigur Ros is definitely best listened while you're comfortably seated. After all, if you're standing, your tears may blind you and you just may pass out from the beauty of it all. Or, your arches might really start to hurt.

Published July 1, 2008



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