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It was only a matter of time. Shudder to Think has reunited. All the other indie bands of the '80s and '90s are doing it, so why not these D.C. dudes? Good for them, too.

I've been into these guys for a long time, but I also always thought they were completely insane. Here was a Dischord band that had a singer with the tenor and vibrato of a Miss Saigon cast member singing about the strangest things. What was I, a little pre-rocker, supposed to make of falsetto phrases like "Stick a fish in a tattoo gun watch what color ink comes out," and "Hold back the road that goes so that the others may do." Is that supposed to be angsty?

They certainly weren't Minor Threat or Fugazi. But boy, did they have some good guitar riffs. The first album I really got into was 1992's Get Your Goat and it also just so happened to be their finest (sure there's debate on this, but not here). But I remember thinking (and still think), "Craig Wedren, what does THAT MEAN?!"

Of course, then the guitars would come in with all that distortion and rhythmic acrobatics and all would be right with my little punk heart. What a weird band though.
Published July 23, 2008



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