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Al Gore may have invented dubstep (actually, I think I'm getting him confused with Korn... who I often confuse with suck... and then I realize that I'm not confused at all about that) but NYC's dance duo Sepalcure is perfecting it. Let's face it; most dubstep can be pretty darn boring.

Pretty darn boring, indeed. Let's not name names here (but one boring stepper has the same name as a famous-yet-mostly-underachieving American tennis player and hint: it's not Andy Roddick). Thankfully, there's nothing boring about the skittish club thumpers that come out of Sepalcure's machines – unless you think out-of-control rhythmic body gyrations are boring.

So maybe Sepalcure isn't necessarily dubstep then. Maybe this is house. Maybe this is rave-disco. Maybe it's just "electro." Maybe there's definitely no maybe that these songs are JAMS though. So if that’s the case (and it is the case), then who cares what musical genre this should be classified under? I'll tell you who cares – MUSIC NERDS!

Enough reading. Get listening. Sepalcure is so good they'll make you forget this band profile even existed. And for that, you'll already be inclined to like them.

Published January 5, 2012



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