((Sensual Harassment)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Let's not even talk about the name (See? See what I did there? I said "Let's not talk about the name," which is a way of talking about it while not talking about it... so clever!). Sensual Harassment is a band from Brooklyn that makes synth-y dance jams that take the euphoric-ness of New Wave and mix it up with the lushness of shoegaze.

"But are they toe-tappable," you ask? Oh, ho-ho! Are they ever toe-tappable! Yes, this is super catchy and comes complete with the big time beats that are there to make you feel good. These beats are also there, perhaps, to make you feel rather randy. But maybe I just say that because of the band's unmentionable name (did it again!).

Anyway, randy-ness in music really rules sometimes. (It also can be the curse of all mankind, but whatever.) Now, other than what I just said, I don't know a whole lot about the members of this band. But, I do know these addictive beats aren't all machine-made. There's a drummer doing his thing too. We love electro bands that also have a drummer doing their thing. It just makes electro-pop better.

Sensual Harassment says they sound like "neon," but I think they sound more like a hyper-color t-shirt. Hyper color has better visuals than neon, and hyper color means you're much more likely to pat someone on the back. Because, you know, then you can see what your palm imprint looks like in the colors of the rainbow.
Published April 27, 2010



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