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Secret Space

Written by Patrick McNamara

Secret Space is three dudes (Dean! Zach! Steven!) from Toledo (a very Holy place) who play swirly spacey emotional post ____ rock. The verses are quiet, the choruses are loud, and the hooks go big. Doesn't that sound good? Guess what? It totally is!

The band recently played a show in NYC with Turnover (Good Band #1), Sports (Good Band #2) and Forth Wanderers (Good Band #3) so let's just say if you like any of those good bands you will probably like this good band.

And also if you like pizza. And finding free money on the street. And shoegaze. And people being nice to you. And things just working out in general.

Secret Space recently released their full-length debut album. It's called “The Window Room" and guess what? It's good! You can stream the entire thing below. Please note: the album starts at track #7 by default and it's always an odd choice to want someone to play an album for the first time in the middle but whatever I just blob here!

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Published June 21, 2016



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