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Written by Patrick McNamara

I recently heard the good word about Long Island's Scout Boys when my friend (I have one now) added some of their songs to a massive playlist we share called “emo/hardcore buddies" (isn't that cute) and he followed up that action with a circle back via personal note via electronic message that read, “you'll be into it when these guys come on." To sum up this cool story, he was right. I am into it whenever I hear Scout Boys. And that's why we are emo/hardcore buddies. 4eva.

The five dudes in this band are into skateboarding and weed and aliens and making really catchy crunchy big time rock songs that can bring joy to your life if you let them. They recently released an EP called “What If, Like, When We Die" and the four tracks are impossibly even better than that title which is hilarious and wonderful and excellent. I'll let you stream it in full right below these dynamic digital words because I'm such a nice guy and I'm always doing sweet things like that.

Scout Boys recently played some big time shows with Iron Chic and Beach Slang. I mention this because I like both of those bands too and perhaps you do too and it will help you better understand the sound we're dealing with here -- and also as an excuse to link to the profiles I wrote on Iron Chic and Beach Slang because they are just as great as this one.

Anyway, have fun streaming “What If, Like, When We Die" now. I like the guitars. But the bass and vocals and drums are pretty good too. What do you like?

Also, if you want to get in on me and my friend's emo/hardcore buddies playlist and/or be friends just let me know.

Published July 28, 2015



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