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Saturday Looks Good To Me

No shit, the Beach Boys are back together? Last I heard from them, that crazily cool John Stamos was drumming on their brilliant song, "Kokomo." I know, let's write a song where we name all of these islands that we'd really like to go to. Brilliant!

Oh wait, this band isn't really the Beach Boys. It's Saturday Looks Good to Me. But it's obvious front man Fred Thomas aspires to tread where Brian Wilson once did (hopefully this doesn't mean dumping a ton of sand in the middle of his living room.) Saturday Looks Good to Me is essentially Thomas' deal with help from his friends. They've been playing nostalgic 60's-inspired pop songs since 1999. And sometimes their live instrumentation sounds a bit like a high school production of "Godspell."

If you like Magnetic Fields and Belle and Sebastian, you might like Saturday Looks Good To Me. Artists of note contributing to the revolving cast include Ted Leo and Dan Littleton of Ida.

Saturday Looks Good To Me Mix by Polyvinyl Records
Published January 20, 2005



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