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London based (and Glasgow born) Rustie (Russell Whyte) is an up-and-coming dance jam master. You heard that here FIRST... well, actually maybe not first. There are a lot of websites out there on the world wide blob. But maybe you heard it here... 4th? Hey, 4th is pretty good, all things considered.

Anyway, Rustie makes super melodic disco synth that comes at you hard with soulful bass booms and big time jazzy beats; you know, the kind of jazzy beats that skip and stutter and go perfectly all over the place. So yeah, read between the lines on all that and call this dubstep similar to Burial and Sepalcure and... Skrillex?

Ah, dubstep... shmubstep. That term doesn't even mean anything anymore. (By the way, remember that genre of music called "college rock?" Yeah. That was pretty ALT.) As long-time Rockness readers know, I simply prefer to call anything that's a jam and makes me want to dance a DANCE JAM.

Let's not complicate things. Rustie makes dance jams. Free your mind and your body will follow.

Rustie - Dreamzz by Rustie
Published May 10, 2012



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