((Royal Headache)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Hot new band alert! Hot new band alert! (Sorry. I just always wanted to start a band profile like that - sometimes dreams really do come true).

Sydney's Royal Headache are a raucous lo-fi jangly band that plays quick, blink-and-you'll-miss-it punk (or maybe yawn-and-you'll-miss-it... because you know how when you yawn you lose your hearing for a second? Yeah, you know) that also comes with a heavy bit of good old-fashioned sweaty soul (singer Evan Minsker channels his inner Tom Jones - that's right, Royal Headache are kind of like Tom Jones fronting a punk band).

These rapid-fire guitar jams are 100% fun. No. Forget that. Royal Headache's songs are 1000% fun. Now I'm not mental mathematician but I do believe that adds up to a whole lot of fun. The exceptional What's Your Rupture (Iceage, Love is All, Fucked Up) is putting out Royal Headache's debut self-titled album. Get it.

But perhaps more importantly, go see these dudes do their thing on stage. They bring the heat. And hey, word on the street is that there may even be some "moshing" (a new dance ritual rising in popularity within certain subsets of Australian society - currently being studied and puzzled over by the world's leading music ethnologists).

Published June 7, 2012



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