((Roommates)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Ho-hum, this is just another super solid band on the Slumberland Records roster (Frankie Rose, Terry Malts, Veronica Falls just to name a few of their most recent releases). Geez Slumberland, give some other labels a chance to compete at least, will you?

Canada's Roommates are a duo comprised of Ben Cook (Fucked Up) and Mark Fosco (Marvelous Darlings). If you like boisterously jangly power-pop, this just might be the new band for you and/or your loved ones.

Think of Roommates as maybe Japandroids meets Eric’s Trip meets Superchunk meets a lot of the bands on that classic Rhino box set, Poptopia! 70's Power Pop Classics. Do those comparisons help lead you down the right path when it comes to Roommates? I sure hope so, because that's why I'm here. Help ME help YOU.

So anyway, you should get into this band, because it's always nice to get into a band that likes to experiment with making musical happiness. Oh yeah, I almost forgot; Roommates are a really good band to get yer drink on to. Maybe I just should have started and ended this (drunken) profile with that fact. Oh well. Live and learn, guys. Live and learn. Bottoms up.

Published March 1, 2012



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