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Written by Patrick McNamara

Retox's Facebook URL is www.facebook.com/RETOXRULES and they ain't lyin' to NOBODY. Finally. A band that's not fucking around. This brutal Southern California crew explodes in a noise that sounds straight beautiful to me. Shouts. Sludges. Carefully constructed sonic chaos. It's a Three One G thing. You might understand.

The four dudes (featuring members of The Locust + Swing Kids + Kill the Capulets + Festival of Dead Deer + more good bands) play super tight hardcore/punk (whichever genre you think is fiercest) that's a pretty pleasant drill to the head, as far as drills to the head go. They've released various sound sacrifices since forming a few years ago and you can find them all here but you best turn it up because this band works best when you blast 'em. Blast them like you don't give a shit about anything except this band.

Retox has played a bunch of loud ass good shows with other loud ass good bands like Deafheaven + Melt-Banana + OFF! and as of this writing (2:16 PM in the Year That I'm Writing This A.D.) the band is set to play a blazing show with METZ (File Under: SICK) + Obliterations (RIYL: SAME).

I have conveniently provided the player below that will allow you to listen to Retox's latest album (it's called “Beneath California" and it hurts... a lot) because I'm such a swell guy. So go stream your brains out.

And remind me to tell you sometime about how this album by Swing Kids basically changed my life. It's a Three One G thing. You might understand.

Published August 4, 2015



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