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Written by Patrick McNamara

“Sports" is the name of the classic album by Huey Lewis and the News (“The Heart of Rock 'n Roll" “I Want a New Drug" “If This Is It" I'm a fan of its entire track listing). It's also, I'm told, the name for athletic games people play. And it's ALSO the name a good band from Gambier, OH.

Sports play power pop that punks and you can totally sing along. And not to play the band comparison game, but let's play the band comparison game! If you like Hop Along (I sure do) you probably want to give this band a solid listen. (You might also want to give Sports some massive spins if you like songs that sound good.)

Since forming circa 2012 at Kenyon College (best speech ever), Sports has released several solid songs and you can blast them / love them via this link that I just conveniently provided for you because I'm always doing super chill things like that.

But for the sake of time let's move slightly closer to present day now. The band's latest album “All of Something" (spoiler: it's good) was released by Father/Daughter Records (see: PWR BTTM, Flagland, Pure Bathing Culture, Diet Cig, Happy Diving, Cocktails etc.) and I've taken the liberty of posting the full stream of it for you below. Please take advantage of the serendipitous power pop (that punks) opportunity you have just been offered.

Finally, (“If this is it! Please let me know!") as of this writing (11:13am in The Year That I'm Writing This A.D.), Sports is on tour with Turnover. I love that band! “Peripheral Vision" was one of my favorite albums of 2015. But enough about them. This is Sports time to shine.

Enjoy listening to & seeing Sports early & often. You'll be into it.

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Published April 26, 2016



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