((Religious Girls)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

You know when you play a song for the first time from a band you've never heard of and you instantly like it before you even know what you're really listening to? That's the experience I had listening to Religious Girls. The more I listened the more I liked.

And then I learned a little more about these guys. They are a trio from Oakland. And I guess people like to call them experimental (whatever that means... that they're not neat, I suppose). And I found out that Religious Girls make their music using 2 keyboards and 2 sets of drums and 3 vocalists (all of them sing).

But the most important thing I learned was something I learned in just those first few seconds of listening. This music just glows in originality. Let's not even try to do the "they sound like these other bands" thing.

I want you to have the same experience with Religious Girls that I did. Just give them a blind chance and come into it cold. If you don't like them within the first 10 seconds, you're never going to like them. And that's fine. But for those who hear what I heard, well, you'll get it. And then you'll want to get even more.

This is optimistically intricate. It's happily dense. Its clutter is joyously crafted. It's... experimental. No. It just rules.

Published October 20, 2011



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