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Los Angeles' Radars to the Sky write entirely melodic indie-rock that's completely easy to listen to. It's just like the old days, remember? You get subtly aggressive verses that build to a steady dose of climbing choruses, complete with Doug Martsch-ian guitar solos strewn around the middle. In fact, they cite Built to Spill as one of their influences (how could they not?), as well as Pavement, Modest Mouse and Archers of Loaf.

All three of these bands had their heyday over a decade ago (Built to Spill and Modest Mouse are just not the same now as they were back then), and it's easy to hear the good old 1990s in Radars to the Sky's songs. Their agreeable rock-outs are driven by those distorted lo-fi guitars we all knew and loved back in our school days, and the nostalgia is sonically cemented with pleasing male/female vocals that sound so, well, indie rock.

Radars to the Sky are currently unsigned, and have two self-released EPs to their credit. Oh, and they also kind of remind me of The Wedding Present.
Published February 7, 2008



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