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Written by Patrick McNamara

Montreal’s PyPy (pronounced Pie! Pie! - or 3.1415926! 3.1415926! - whichever you prefer - just don't pronounce it Pee Pee - but hell, you can even do that too - there are no rules in punk rock, son!) are a female fronted thrash band that play scuzzy psych punk for crunchy creepers who like a little melody with their mayhem.

Singer/wailer Annie-Claude brings the heat. Roy, Phil, and Simon bring the riffs, booms, and beat. I don’t know any of their last names. And frankly, I don’t want to. Knowing real people are behind this spoils the magic. I prefer to think PyPy’s punk as existing in another realm, man - a different dimension in some far out celestial galaxy where everything is loud and spazzy and slightly imbalanced….because there’s no gravity.....I would assume....gravity is only found on earth, right?.....I'll let you know after I watch that "Cosmos" reboot and my mind gets blown.

PyPy sing about stuff like cocaine and Molly (a woman, I’m sure) and pagans and New York. And listening to them is a dirty and depraved blow-out of the funnest kind. We’re all just having a good time. No one’s getting hurt. We're going to the edge but nobody's falling over. It's a party so let's keep it going. Keep crunching. Keep swirling. Keep wailing, Annie-Claude. Louder, louder, faster! faster! PUNK ME UP AND TEAR ME DOWN!!!!!

If you like this band - you might also like a room with padded walls. Just kidding! You probably just have a wonderful ear for sublime musical brutality. And that’s a great skill to have. Lots of jobs out there in the American workforce for people possessing that talent. You and me are gonna go places, pal.

Fuck it. Let’s move to Canada.

Published March 4, 2014



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