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Written by Patrick McNamara

Tucson's Prom Body is a catchy fuzzy lo-fi goddamn punk delight. Let's read on!

This started as a one-man band. That man’s name is Mike Fay. But now he’s got three other buds to shred this shit live. (I don't know their names as that would require one more level of research which would spread this alt DIY music blob a little too thin.) And shred this does. Prom Body is a sweaty fun good time. And you'll probably come out of their shows a happier person for it.

I know you love playing the Band Comparison Game. Oh, yes you do. You want to know what other emerging alt bands Prom Body sounds like. You couldn't leave "catchy fuzzy lo-fi goddamn punk delight" alone. You need names. And you needed names yesterday. Fine. You want your precious names? OK. Here I go. Watch me spin the wheel on the Band Comparison Game. PETER CETERA MEETS FRANK STALLONE MEETS SUFJAN STEVENS MEETS SLASH MEETS HOAGY CARMICHAEL. There. There are your goddamn names.

Prom Body just released their debut album “Naughty by Natural” (in July of 20-nOughty-14) on Topaz Records. You should listen to it. And I should mind my own business. Also. The band is also playing CMJ 2014 (year added for all future Rockness band profile readers since I’ve never gone back and updated one in ten years). So if you're around you should see them then. And I should.............stop blobbing.

In summation. Below is a jam from that album mentioned in the very paragraph right above this one. The song is called “My Paradise” and it really gets to the heart of the matter.

Prom Body For President of the Catchy Fuzzy Lo-Fi Goddamn Punk Delight Department!

(clearly the funnest office in the whole company)

Published September 10, 2014



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