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Project Jenny / Project Jan

Sasha Nialla
What the hell is this delightfully deranged wonderment? That's what I thought when I first heard Brooklyn's Project Jenny, Project Jan. They're a band without a Jenny and without a Jan, but with a sound that's unlike any other. The duo of Sammy Rubin (programmer/keyboardist) and Jeremy Haines (vocals/rhymes) juggle electro, pop and rap like a crazy circus clown who harbors secret DJ dreams. PJ/PJ toss, swirl and turn disparate synthetic sounds (mainly beats and keys) over strange rhymes to make something most melodic and maybe even a bit magical.

Their best song is "You Said" (no rapping here). Listen to it and tell me who they are ripping off. And you won't be able to answer, because they're totally doing their own thing. (Although, doesn't it sound a little like the Danielson family singers are contributing to this track?)

Project Jenny, Project Jan is touring with Fujiya & Miyagi and Passion Pit. Whoever set up those tours sure knows what they're doing. Cohesive concerts are it. And oh yeah, Project Jenny/Project Jan are also featured on the "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist" soundtrack. But since it's infinite, wouldn't every band eventually be on there? Hmmm...
Published January 14, 2009



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