((Professor Calculus)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Chris Hanke
Professor Calculus! Yes! 8-bit video game music made by future rock stars! If you like Anamanaguchi as much as we like Anamanaguchi (and oh-oh, oh what a GAL!), then you'll like this Professor Calculus four-dude crew from Los Angeles in the California.

This is super electro math-rock (Math like Calculus! That means this stuff is hard! I hope I get it! I barely passed Geometry. It was only because of my famous 'protractor protruding from the cheek' trick that my merciful teacher passed me... she was a fan of old time vaudeville, I think.).

But this Calculus isn't too hard for me to understand, really. What's so hard to like about sweetly distorted guitar riffs and splashes of ambience before coming around to a big time arcade chorus!? God, I've always wanted to rock like an arcade.

Anyway, if you like instrumental video game rhythms that appear to go all over the place, but are really on a completely focused trek to one high holy and elusive destination --- Happy Mountain --- then you'll surely be into these dudes. Never heard of Happy Mountain? Well, it's the place in the sky where angst and brooding and boring rock 'n roll aren't allowed. Happy Mountain is a place full of music like Professor Calculus's music; their BOOM BOOM BOOM bass lines and pretty, epic 8-bit bleeps that scream youthful joy.

That's the kind of place Happy Mountain is. And if I'm ever so lucky to get there, I know with all of my heart's hope they'll be playing these guys on the sound system when the other first guests and I arrive for the passing of hors d'oeuvres.
Published January 13, 2010



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