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Prince Rupert's Drops

Prince Rupert's Drops (also known as Dutch Tears and, I kid you not, Rupert's Balls) are tear shaped objects created by dripping molten glass into cold water. Now I bet you didn't know that... unless you work regularly with glass.... hell, maybe Simon Pearce himself is reading this. I should stop assuming I know so much about you.

Prince Rupert's Drops are also a Brooklyn band. They're a what? They're a what? They're a Brooklyn band! And they play psych guitar jingle-jangle that is, dare I say, really rather jubilant in its melodic garage grooviness. Yeah, I said grooviness. Like you've never said it. Maybe it was a moment of weakness when you said it - but you've definitely said it.

Sometimes, Prince Rupert's Drops songs (that's a tongue twister right up there with Russell Westbrook) are sung by Leslie Stein. I tell ya, even the children of flowers would want to dance to her nice voice. And while I don't know what that exactly means, I think it sounds about right. Other times, Prince Rupert's Drops songs (whose CDs are surely also sold by Sally at the seashore) are sung by Bruno Meyrick-Jones - his voice is more dirty than flowery and it works perfectly.

This band has played out a bunch - most recently with Alex Bleeker & The Freaks and Widowspeak. And whoever got them on those shows sure knew what they were doing. Give these guys a listen. I think you might like them.

In closing, seriously? Rupert's Balls? That's what these glass things are also called? Rupert's Balls?

Published January 23, 2013



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