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Written by Patrick McNamara

Bam. Buh-Buh-Buh-Bum. Bam. Buh-Boom-Bam.

Yeeoww! Plague Vendor is a super solid post-garage-punk band (sure why not) from Whittier, CA (home of the ghost of Tricky Dick and the exterior Hill Valley high school scenes in "Back to the Future" - yeah - I do #research for these things - I'm not just talking to myself on here - a music blobber prepares). This band is anguLAR and rocks the wailing SWAGger. And I’ll tell you this much, bub. If you go see Plague Vendor live, you’re gonna laugh your ass straight to the BANK (?).

Bam. Buh-Buh-Buh-Bam. Buh-Boom-Bam.

Named after a Mexican folktale called “The Pulque Vendor” (#research), these four dudes - Brandon sings! Luke drums! Michael plays bass! Jay’s got the guitar! - have been at it for a few years, playing the small dark places that would have them. However, things currently are on the up-up-and-away for these guys. Plague Vendor recently signed to the mighty Epitaph Records and are set to release their debut album, “Free To Eat.” You're going to want to listen to that. It's really good. And oh yeah. Plague Vendor will play the 2014 WARPED Tour. Which is weird. Because they don't suck.

Bam. Buh-Buh-Buh-Bum. Bam. Buh-Boom-Bam.

Below is a great song off that debut album. It's called "Black Sap Scriptures" and you need to stick with it. Wait for the Bam. Buh-Buh-Buh-Bum. Bam. Buh-Boom-Bams. And then wait some more for their return. Because the Bam. Buh-Buh-Buh-Bum. Bam. Buh-Boom-Bams pull everything together. You won’t regret it.

Bam. Buh-Buh-Buh-Bum. Bam. Buh-Boom-Bam.

(P.S. they also sound similar to Detachment Kit on just about every song on "Free To Eat" except this one - and for this muzik blobber - that's called #praise.)


Published April 8, 2014



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