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Written by Patrick McNamara

Pink Frost are five dudes from Chicago that rock that crunchy grunge riff goodness that I first fell in love with circa “Siamese Dream” circa 1993 circa the same city (I saw the tour for “Siamese Dream” in Chicago in the winter of '93 with Swerverdriver and remind me to tell you about that someday at a more appropriate time, but that show sort of set me down a whole different path i.e. away from Bell Biv Devoe).

But let’s keep things (relatively) focused. Pink Frost play the super melodic kind of grunge. Remember that kind? The kind you used to sing along to way back when. The kind that made you pretend your hand-me-down tennis racket was an electric guitar full of furious riffs and made you fake shred for the posters on your wall. The kind that made you stomp on an invisible distortion pedal on the floor (of your very real bedroom) in time with the exploding chorus. You know? Grunge like that. Pink Frost don’t play the kind of grunge that was all like, “FREEZIN’ RESTS HIS HEAD ON A PILLOW MADE OF CONCRETE OHHH FEELIN I DON’T OPEN MY MOUTH ALL THE WAY WHEN I SINGGGGG YEAHHH...” and etc. and etc.

Now let’s go ahead and use a musical term whose reputation has been sullied over the years by the same people who now say bands “be killin’ it!” on Twitter. Ready? Rock out. Pink Frost are just one of those bands that “rock out.” They go for it. And they sound like they’re having fun. Remember the golden rule, bands - when YOU have fun, WE have fun. (please note: commanding us to “move closer!” and/or saying “it’s ok to dance you know!” does not lead us any closer to fun - our fun must arise naturally outta your notes, man.)

Pink Frost’s album “Sundowning” comes September 3rd, 2013 (A.D.). Now, I’m not writing this from the future (ran out of rotten banana peels and half empty cans of beer to fuel the car) but I do believe that album will be excellent fun. In the meantime - listen to this song below. It “rocks out.”

Published August 27, 2013



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