((Pedro the Lion)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

David Bazan, a.k.a. Pedro the Lion, is one of the more down-to-earth rock stars you'll ever come across. Completely void of pretension, Bazan holds Q & A sessions on stage between songs.

At a recent show at Northsix he asked, as usual, if anyone had any questions. A woman piped up from the back and said something akin to, "Describe your personal relationship with Jesus Christ." Ouch. If you want to kill a party, start talking about religion. But being at a Pedro show, everyone in the crowd was pretty sure that question was coming, although most of us hoped it wouldn't.

However I saw no trace of a cringe on Bazan's face when he very politely and graciously said something like, "Oh, it's pretty complicated. I really prefer not to discuss that stuff with a big group of people but if you want to talk after the show, that's cool." Perhaps the woman wanted Bazan to use his stage to champion a shared belief. Perhaps she was simply curious. But Bazan's not really about platforms. And he's never really been up for giving answers. And that is precisely why the music of Pedro the Lion works.

Published February 16, 2006



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