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Peals is a new duo from Baltimore. Their names are William Cashion - he’s in Future Islands - and Bruce Willen - he was in Double Dagger (RIP - may you be still playing as Double Dagger in Heaven - or something). Two fine Baltimore bands right there.

Actually, you might as well not even click on those two links up there and read more about Future Islands or Double Dagger. It’ll just throw you off the scent. Because this isn’t punk, you see. This is Walden Pond. And it’s easy. It’s easy like a Sunday morning (unless you work in retail or in the food or hotel industry or you’re a cop etc. - for you guys and gals, this is easy like a Tuesday morning...or whenever your day off is - perhaps you would’ve figured out what i meant regardless - but really, i just wanted to include you weekend heroes in this space here).

Using mostly quiet guitars (they explode sometimes like Mogwai - but very rarely), warm sounding keyboards, and various stringed things (that’s the classically trained technical term) Peals will set you adrift on memory bliss with their tranquil homemade instrumental soundscapes. And what is a soundscape exactly? I don’t know. It’s a word used to describe pretty stuff, I think.

But I do know this. Peals’ music is minimal. It’s peaceful. It feels like field recordings (I don’t know if they actually went to any fields to record - I wasn’t there - the wind chimes suggest someone’s super chill backyard). AND...wait for it...this band’s music is interesting. I bet you thought this was going to be boring, what, with the fields and the wind chimes and all that. Let me tell you what. Boring, this is not.

Peals’ debut album “Walking Field” is set to come out on Thrill Jockey because of course it is. That’s the perfect label for this sublime, soundscapable* journey (*well it’s a word now).

Listening to this band makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And right now, I’m just high on life...............and on Peals too.

Published May 8, 2013



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