((Pandit)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Lance Smith is Pandit. He's from Texas. Recording from home, Pandit makes gorgeously swirly and synthy indie soul pop. The slow melodies are propelled by warm electro-beats and a general sense of lushness. And to keep everyone on their toes, Pandit sometimes throws in some tenderly twangy guitar ballads at you too.

Wow, that's a rough all-over-the-place description. Sorry about that. But this guy dabbles in all sorts of different sound structures, so don't blame me. Blame him for being so musically well-rounded.

Think of Pandit's music as falling somewhere around, or in between, How to Dress Well, Cass McCombs, Beach House, Neil Young, and Washed Out. Didn't think there could be a band that crosses all those, now did you? Well, Pandit does.

And wherever this guy finds his diverse musical inspiration, Pandit's songs are always consistent in their beautiful craftsmanship. That's what's important, right? It's amazing how wonderfully realized a song can sound when recorded alone from home. You rule, 2011 technology. You rule. And Pandit, you rule, too.
Published March 3, 2011



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