((Palma Violets)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Get ready. Another "buzzy" British guitar band is coming to try and conquer us (and you too, dear overseas reader). Palma Violets are receiving lots of "hype" from "Across the Pond" because their song "Best of Friends" was made "the song" of "2012" by "NM""E." Wait. I think I'm getting my sarcastic quotations confused. And anyway, I'm not sure how or why that started. Sorry. Let's start again.

Palma Violets are a garage-infused punk band that relies on their jaggy post-something guitars to propel their singable, whiskey based melodies to heights probably most popular. OK, I should clarify. These melodies aren't exactly made out of "whiskey." I think they're made out of "notes" (damn, sorry). Oh yeah, this band is on Rough Trade. And oh yeah, of course they are. It just wouldn't be the same buzzy British guitar band experience without that record label involved.

Anyway, you're gonna want to go ahead and give these guys a whirl. You'll see we have that "song" of "the" "year embedded" below "for" your listen"ing" ple"a"su""r"e. Thank you for playing.

Published January 3, 2013



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