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Written by Patrick McNamara

Chicago trio Oozing Wound shred. You want precision speed? You want raw power? You want to have a really fun night at a show? Then go check out these three dudes and stop saying there's nothing worth shredding anymore.

Like most dudes, these three dudes have names. #1. Singer/screamer/shredder Zach Weil. #2. Drummer of death Kyle Reynolds. #3. Sludge machine, Kevin. (He only has one name - like Prince - or Madonna - or Steve). And together they work together to destroy you. And you will let them. You will LOVE for them to annihilate your body. Because it boosts the soul. And after it’s over when everybody's all exhausted and spent we can giggle about how much fun we just had together. We really shouldn’t though. Shredding this hard is no laughing matter.

The band will release their second album “Earth Suck” via Thrill Jockey on October 21 (in the Year of I’m Not Telling You). But don’t let that label name fool you. Tortoise*, this is not. I would like for you to now stream the following song that's totally not on that album using your computer’s speakers, please. Don't worry. All it’s going to do is turn your screen into a SLAY STATION. Works best if you blast it.

You know what? I’m going to toss in an older Oozing Wound stream too. I figured now that you’ve got a SLAY STATION on your hands you might as well get some mileage out of it before it turns into a regular old dumb screen again. Enjoy harnessing its power.

*this profile was written in 1994

Published September 30, 2014



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