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Written by Patrick McNamara

L.A.’s No Parents don’t fuck around. They play heavy lo-fi pop punk with big time shrieks, riffs and muted booms. It’s all very fast and ferocious and 100% fun. And when I use three F words like that you know I'm not fucking around either. I do believe you are going to enjoy getting noisy to these guys. All killer. No filler.

The band (Ducky + Killian + Zoe + Monte), while fairly new (the most relative word on the World Wide Intrasphere), have played a bunch of shows recently - including dates with other Rockness favs like Slutever + Plague Vendor + The Lovely Bad Things.

And as of this writing (10:35 AM in the Year of The Goat or Sheep Depending On The Translation - h/t john oliver) No Parents are set to storm the big time Burger Records bash with Weezer + FIDLAR + Cherry Glazerr + Gang of Four + Beach Fossils + The Black Lips + LOTS more bands you've probably heard of.

And yet, these four dudes still find the time to make music off the stage. No Parents recently released “May The Thirst Be With You” - an intense three song EP about snakes, sex toys, and Satan or something. It's good. Your parents may hate it but your kids are gonna love it. How you feel about it, well, you’re just going to have to press play right down there, turn it up (WAY up), and see how your body responds. Don’t panic. It’s not a seizure you're having. You’re just vibrating fun. Roll with it like water over stones. Don’t resist No Parents - dance with 'em.

And sing along, goddamn it. That's the point of the noise.

Published February 24, 2015



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