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Night Terrors of 1927

Night Terrors of 1927 is a new band from Los Angeles that I know next to nothing about. At least I'm not pretending to be something I'm not, guys. At least there's that. But I do know that they do have a brand new jam called "Dust and Bones" (perhaps courtesy of the label Neon Gold, who put out stuff by Passion Pit and Goyte and stuff - I say perhaps because after doing extensive research Wikipedia and myself ARE JUST NOT SURE).

Anyway, this song is the reason I'm writing to you today. Because "Dust and Bones" sounds like it's just about ready take over the radio and I just thought you should get in on the ground floor of that situation so you can like it now and hate it when it's everywhere (that's the way this works, right?). This is too big for indie. Too, too big. It's a song that's got an Arcade Fire situation going on, for sure (you know, because of all the "whoah-oh-ohs"). And it's full of climbing choruses and crescendos and climaxes and other euphoria-inducing words beginning with the letter 'c.'

"Dust and Bones" is right on the border of being glossy/cheesy - but I don't think it quite crosses over to that manufactured territory quite yet. But then again, I've only listened to the song a few dozen times. So what do I know? Again... maybe nothing, guys. Maybe nothing. But listen to "Dust and Bones" for yourself.

In the meantime, I'll do some more research into this band - who are they? who are they influenced by? what is their favorite city to play in and what are their hopes and dreams? As soon as Wikipedia and I find out, we'll let you know. Don't you worry about that. You can count on me.

Published November 23, 2012



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