((Night Shining)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

I really like this guy. And I know nothing about him. Well, I know some things. He played and recorded all the instruments on his debut record himself. And I know he lives in Queens. Ta-da! That's all I know about Mike Romeo. But I know I like his music. Did I say that already?

If I had to describe it, (which I do, otherwise reading this would be even more of a waste of your time than it already is) Mike Romeo makes music that sounds something grand and also sounds a little bit like pop sunshine. How's that? Can I still say Mike Romeo is a bit like Sufjan Stevens meets The Shins even though it's just a few months away from 2010? Probably not. But guess what, I just did!

Can I say that I hear a lot of The Beatles' influence in this, too? Sure, if I wanted to be like every other lazy "writer" out there because The Beatles influenced everybody. But guess what, I hear a lot of The Beatles in this!

That Mike Romeo orchestrated such a striking pop sound all by himself is pretty amazing. Just that fact would deserve some props. And that his D.I.Y. ambition produced something that actually sounded really good, well, that's more mad props and the MAIN mad props.
Published September 15, 2010



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