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Neon Indian is the blissed-out work of Alan Palomo. Palomo is also in that band VEGA. Neat. Live, Palomo has three other peeps helping him to create a beautifully mellow and melodic world full of calming synth strikes.

Now this here Neon Indian band sure knows how to write a pretty perfect electro-pop song, let me tell you that. Actually, they sure know how to write about twelve perfect electro pop songs, because that's how many songs are on their brilliant debut Psychic Chasms. The songs are smooth like Washed Out's songs are smooth. Or, perhaps they are smooth like Small Black's songs are smooth. But you know, maybe they're just smooth like Neon Indian's songs are smooth. Let Neon Indian BE Neon Indian! Oh the curse of smoothness comparisons!

So this is one of those bands you can put play and let yourself go to a more relaxed state without even really trying. Their silky synth jams and mellow vocals are akin to surfing a perfect wave of chamomile tea, but instead of a board (too dangerous) you surf on your La-Z-Boy. Oh yeah, Neon Indian is just like surfing on a La-Z-Boy.

Deadbeat Summer by Neon Indian
Published December 7, 2009



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