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Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band

Seattle's Mt. St. Helen's Vietnam Band (there is no way we are writing that out again in this profile) have a SICK drummer. We love bands with sick drummers. The extra hook with this band is that the drummer, Marshall Verdoes, is 14-years-old. 14! When we were 14, we were pining for the days when we were 13.

Verdoes is the younger adopted brother of singer Bejamin Verdoes. And oh yeah, that Verdoes is the husband of keyboardist/percussionist (and more) Traci Eggleston-Verdoes. Whew! It's got to be tough being the other two dudes in this band sometimes.

Anyway, we saw MSHVB play not too long ago and they kind of killed it. Led by the aforementioned monster drumming of Marshall, this band brought slightly spazzy rock with a touch of math, a dash of rootsy Americana, and a few extended "jam-outs."

They actually sounded a little like early Modest Mouse (when Modest Mouse was more crazy and less glossy) to us. We would definitely go see them again.
Published July 1, 2009



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