((Mr. Dream)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Brooklyn's Mr. Dream is the type of band that would write a song and call it "Knuckle Sandwich." Actually, Mr. Dream IS a band that wrote a song and called it "Knuckle Sandwich." Imagine what a song that's called "Knuckle Sandwich" would sound like. Imagining? Ok, good news! Your imagination is right! That sounds exactly like Mr. Dream!

But in case you had a brain cramp, Mr. Dream sounds like heavy hitting old bands like The Jesus Lizard and Shellac and, more recently, that band Double Dagger. You know, bands that come at you high, hard and tight. And raw. And angular. And oh yeah, really bass-y too. And DEFINITELY not chill-wave.

Mr. Dream won't synth you up. They'll rip your heart out and eat it... and maybe even slather some Tabasco sauce all over it before they do. Dang, Mr. Dream! Why you gotta go eat my heart like that?

One final thought. Mr. Dream has a song called "Crime." Imagine what a song like that would sound like and... yep, you got it again! Your imagination is getting pretty good at this.

Published March 31, 2011



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