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Now I've never claimed to be much of an alt-country kind of guy, but Brooklyn's Motel Motel are just weird enough to make this wacky alt-ness interesting. Don't get me wrong, the band isn't yet going to make me go out and finally fall in love with Wilco or Ryan Adams or any of those other totally awesome alt guys, but maybe Motel Motel is the gateway drug to the genre that will change my hardened city heart into something a bit more rural.

This band makes eccentric pop music that slides towards the skewed. And it's all done, of course, with some warble and some twang. If you like Evangelicals, you should definitely check out Motel Motel. The four guys (and their string section entourage) create a jolly Americana mood that may also appeal to fans of other bands like O'Death, Two Gallants, Cold War Kids, Elvis Perkins and Bon Iver.

Strangely, I'm into it. And now, if only I can pick out this piece of straw that's stuck between my teeth, I might just sing along, too.
Published August 6, 2008



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