((Monomen)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

I recently came across a link to some songs from this band called Monomen (not to be confused with another band called The Mono Men) from Norway. Now, I've been obsessed with all musical things coming out of that wonderful Nordic land lately (Oya Festival!) so I gave them a good listen. Thanks for two more problems in my life. 1) Their upbeat songs are now permanently entrenched in my head. 2) My toes have been tapping continuously since Tuesday.

1980's synth-pop-new-wave must be the hot new sound to replace black-metal in Scandinavia, because a lot of bands over there are rocking the style (start with the New Violators and move on to 120 Days). Digging up a little information, I've discovered that these guys did release an album in May of 2007, but as of yet it isn't available in the States. I guess no labels over here have heard their song "Drum of Glass" yet. If that's not a hit with the kids, what is? Anyway, check them out.
Published July 5, 2007



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