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Brooklyn's MINKS is Shaun Kilfoyle and Amalie Bruun (they've been joined on stage by lots of other members, though). They rock a sad and swirl-y sparse goth sound with plenty of Across the Pond (Manchester, specifically) pop tendencies.

These songs definitely play towards brooding, but MINKS are melodic enough (their synths do indeed sparkle at times) to not fall too deep into the territory of despair.

Think of this as being somewhere around early The Cure meets early New Order (which was just Joy Division anyway) meets The Drums (who claimed to just be ripping off The Wake) meets Iceage (who sound like all those bands we must mentioned too).

But those are the bands I just thought of in approximately 10 seconds. You can think of many more bands over the years that have influenced this goth-wave sound too.

But that's not too important, is it? Who's done it before? What's important is that MINKS does what they do REALLY well. Got that? I like them. I think you will too.

MINKS - Cemetary Rain by forcefieldpr
Published September 15, 2011



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