((Mini Mansions)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

L.A.'s Mini Mansions are another band that rocks the epic-pop (I think that's how I described that band Fan-Tan too). This is soaring and sprawling and harmonious and key-licious (key-standing would work, too). It's epic, man.

Mini Mansions obviously take inspiration from The Beatles (they sound a LOT like The Beatles, actually), but they also kind of sound like that power-pop band Fountains of Wayne (rambling side note: I remember when I was in NJ visiting my grandparents and we passed by this roadside store that sold all sorts of fountains and, well, you can guess what the store was called).

As of this writing, Mini Mansions are on a long tour with Autolux (1/2 of Oh My Rockness loves Autolux and I am the other half) and Sleepy Sun (we've got to write about Sleepy Sun soon).

Let's leave you with a riddle: Beatles fans like The Beatles... Mini Mansions sound like the Beatles... therefore, will all Beatles fans like Mini Mansions? Well, I'm not smart enough to answer that. I got an 11 on my SATs. You get 10 if you put your name in correctly.
Published August 06, 2009



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