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Gotta love these crunchy guitars! Reminds me of 1995 when I was just a young buck, crunching daily on these new Double Decker tacos from the T. Bell (before Doritos Locos did anything - Double Decker did everything - ask your cool older cousin - who’s probably a fat security guard somewhere now).

Milk Music rock a certain kind of classic rock for people who didn’t know they were sorta kinda getting maybe old. Or, they’re for the young whippersnappers who never heard it the first time. Or, both. Why must we pigeonhole goodness? Either way. I’m glad this sound is here again. And I’m glad this band is bringing it.

So, yeas. Olympia, Washington’s Milk Music are four dudes who make crunchy, noisy, fuzzy, guitar! guitar! guitar! grunge (even though no band rocking grunge today wants to admit that’s what they’re rocking - if you’re rocking it - rock it - it’s not a PWN - it’s an OWN).

If you like any of the following bands, you might like Milk Music: Husker Du, Roomrunner, “Boy” era U2 (oh it’s there - you just gotta dig for it - specifically “walk away walk away walk away i will follow”), The Afghan Whigs, Billy Corgan with hair before he was a Zero, Buffalo Tom (their best song is Larry - god i love that song), Meat Puppets, Screaming Trees, Destruction Unit (recent show pals), Merchandise (ditto), The Replacements (reunited and it feels so good), Archers of Loaf, Dinosaur Jr.

Whew. Can I stop now? Wait. You didn’t just do that to me. I just did that to me. Ugh. It’s no surprise to me I am my own worst enemy (that’s Lit - and sure, if you like that Lit song, maybe you’ll like Milk Music, you never know, i like ‘em both).

Milk Music’s full-length debut came out recently on Fat Possum. It’s good. And so is that label. You know what’s also good? The name of the album. “Cruise Your Illusion.” I could’ve just told you that and that would’ve been enough. But no. I had to go and run my mouth off with easy band comparisons (the U2 “Boy” was an alright one, though?).

Published June 19, 2013



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