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Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson

Brooklyn's four-named young wonder makes eccentrically electric psych-folk that comes with a little bit of twang, a little bit of the blues, and a little bit of bar-band rhythm and booze. There's a swagger in Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson's songs that makes one ponder if he just might be a rock star one day soon.

He's already had musical help from his almost-rock star friends when he released a record in 2006 that featured guest appearances from members of Grizzly Bear and Kyp Malone of TV on the Radio. So that definitely helped his momentum.

His full-length comes out in July of 2008 on Say Hey Records (White Rabbits, Shy Child) and it will have many songs that are almost as long as his name.

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson has been known to do the extended guitar jam on occasion. But that's ok. At least it's interesting. And he kind of reminds me of Will Oldham if Oldham ever got real rowdy.
Published June 26, 2008



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