((Mexican Slang)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Written by Patrick McNamara

Another good band straight outta Toronto. I don’t know what’s going on up there. How they can keep cranking out the hits is a riddle wrapped in an enigma stuffed inside a peameal bacon sandwich, man. But I’m happy for that goddamn town.

Let’s talk about the good Mexican Slang situation. It’s a fuzzy punk thang. Started by shredder/front shrieker Annabelle Lee a couple years ago, the whip smart scuzz band is now three (Jimmy Tony Billy once again proves all great bass players need three first names, while Den Holm drums like he knows what he’s doing because he does). They’re noisy. They’re dirty. They crush it like Joe Carter circa 19-Naughty-3.

The band recently released the sublimely grimy “Inside the Velvet Castle” EP for Buzz Records (also home to such loud goodness as Greys + The Beverleys + HSY + Odonis Odonis + others I will one day also write words for...bet). Feel free to stream it in full below. I like it. And think you might like it too. If so, maybe then we could become bffs and bb bae bae boo boos. I've never had one of those.

Now if you’ll excuse me. I need to figure out how to make myself one of those peameal bacon sandwiches. But it might not be possible down here in these parts. I guess I could always just fly to Toronto and try it there. I hear they also have good bands there.

Published July 15, 2014



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